We collect unique vintage artifacts ● Products whose beauty, originality and history we want to share ● Each piece with its own charm, character and story to tell ●

Hello, we are Only / Once ● We have a deep passion for vintage items with a soul ● We have been hunting for & collecting unique artifacts since 2013 ● Driven by our love for extraordinary and iconic product design, we created the Only / Once shop ● Our shop offers timeless pieces from the 20th century ● This includes electronics, industrial items, lamps and lights, as well as home decor items ● Some of our favorites being Braun radios and fans designed by Dieter Rams and Reinhold Weiss or timeless lamps by Dell and Hurka ● From recovered industrial warehouse lamps, to clocks from schools in former DDR Germany, we take everyday, functional items and repurpose them as beautiful design pieces ● Each with a story worth sharing ● The name, Only / Once, reflects the very essence of our artifacts - each being one-of-a-kind ●

We believe these pieces still hold a place today and we aim to give them the recognition they deserve ● With careful craftsmanship, we take into account their age and history to preserve their original charm and visible history ● Products are carefully restored where needed, and reclaimed and polished when already in good condition ● We envision these repurposed items being incorporated into homes, restaurants, cafes or office spaces ● Our bespoke pieces complement modern interiors and contemporary architecture with a unique touch of history ● In doing this, we hope to reconnect our lives with an element of authenticity that seems to be missing today ●

Our shop showcases each product in as much detail as possible in order to portray their true and honest form ● To ensure integrity, we provide high quality, large photos with accurate and detailed descriptions ● All of our items are available for worldwide shipping ● If you are searching for a particular item or would like to request larger quantities of one of our products, send us a request and we will do our best to find just what you want ● We are constantly looking for new products and expanding our collection ● Connect with us on , , and , or sign up to our newsletter to stay up to date with new releases and stories to tell ● We are Only / Once ● Welcome to our world ●