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Dieter Rams
10 principles of good Design

Dieter Rams famous 10 principles of good design have become iconic and have inspired designers across the world. Born in Wiesbaden on May 20, 1932, Dieter Rams soon made a name for himself in the field of industrial design. Over the course of half a century, he has developed more than 500 products ranging from audio to furniture. In the 19070s Dieter Rams has laid out of a list of 10 principles which made history ever since. This straightforward list lays out the fundamentals of good design, which are valid up to this day decades after. Dieter Rams design philosophy of **"Less, but better."** along with his famous 10 principles are building the fundamentals of the successful & iconic Braun designs which have ultimately inspired other famous brands (such as Apple) and designers (ie. Johnathan Ive) across the world. With no further ado, here are the ten fundamental principles of good design:

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