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Influential 3D Designer interpreting BRAUN design

It is well known that products such as the Braun radio T41 have influenced design legends such as Johny Ive from Apple when designing the first Apple iPod or one of the first iMacs. It is equally great to see that the era of Braun Product Design continues to live on and inspire today’s 3D Designers paying hommage to Dieter Rams accomplishments. We recently stumbled upon some great rendering examples of either a modern interpretation or a hyper realistic replica of vintage Braun transistor radios renders in 3D. It would be a pitty not to share these so we created a collage of the most inspiring designs we could find. If you are interested to see the original BRAUN design classics, have a look at the BRAUN SK 5 radio, the BRAUN Exporter 2 or the BRAUN SK2 (already sold) in our online shop.

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