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Only / Once Braun Collection
Our mission

We have a deep passion for vintage collectibles with a soul. Driven by our love for extraordinary and iconic product design, we created Only / Once. Since 2013, we offer timeless pieces mostly from the 20th century including electronics, lighting, home decoration and other collectibles. Our collections cover products from the Bauhaus era to BRAUN icons designed by legendary product designers such as Dieter Rams or Reinhold Weiss.

Our process

With years of professional experience we reclaim all products carefully to return their original beauty & functionality. Each product carries its own unique history and deserves a new home and a new beginning of a story. Our bespoke pieces complement modern interiors and contemporary architecture with a unique touch of authenticity and timeless design. Our name - Only / Once reflects the very essence of our artifacts - each being a one-of-a-kind!

Braun Tonarmwaage

Our mission is to collect unique timeless design.
From heritage to contemporary.

Breathing in new life

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Our collectibles are being carefully reclaimed and polished with careful craftsmanship to preserve their original charm and patina always respectfully. Our Braun audio electronics are professionaly checked and overhauled by our in-house expert with 60+years of experience.

Design legends

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We honor design legends. Our collectibles consists of timeless design classics designed by the Greatest. These beautiful design icons by Dieter Rams, Reinhold Weiß or Jacob Jensen had a wide ranging influence changing whole industries. Their products can be found in museums worldwide such as the MoMa in New York.


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