Bringing vintage Land
Rovers back to life

Published: 03.05.2022

The Coolnvintage conceptual approach goes far beyond the restoration process. 1000 hours of dedicated craftsmanship are invested. Still the most challenging part of the creative process is to keep it simple. Remove as much as possible, add sparingly.

Beautiful Land Rover back by
The Coolnvintage Handmade in Lisbon aluminium signature plaque

Coolnvintage is a multidisciplinary team that painstakingly restores only a few Land Rovers per year with an obsession for detail and a commitment to the essentials. Completely disassembled down to the very last bolt. Brought back to a new life while acknowledging their past. Coolnvintage celebrates the art of journey, the ability to find stillness and beauty in a frenetic, tech-crazed world.

1000 hours of dedicated craftsmanship

The Land Rovers are restored to beyond factory-original by a team of detail-obsessed craftsmen in Lisbon, Portugal. Each build is completely disassembled down to its chassis. 1000 hours of dedicated craftsmanship are invested: nothing is left untouched. Engine, gearbox and all mechanical parts are also fully disassembled and rebuilt. Engine, transmission and gearbox are fully overhauled. Chassis is rebuilt to factory spec and coated. All parts are repaired to factory new condition. Wiring is restored or fitted new. All body panels are stripped down to bare aluminium.

“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” ― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Airman’s Odyssey

bring vintage Land Rovers back to life.
Beautiful Land Rover side view by
Handmade in Lisbon

Several coats of primer are applied. High-gloss or matte paint finish is applied. New suspensions are fitted. All hard components are powder coated. Shocks, bearings and bushings are replaced. New braking system.New fuel tank and fuel lines are fitted. Customers can choose from a wide variety of furnishings, the finest leather to technical fabrics. Each cabin is stitched to perfection. All body, glasswork and interior are completely reassembled .New lights all around, Zinc plated parts are assembled . The Coolnvintage Handmade in Lisbon aluminium signature plaques are fitted. A certificate of authenticity is issued to ensure Coolnvintage quality criteria.

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