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Published: 25.06.2022

Most designers are familiar with the name of Dieter Rams, often times quoted as the godfather of Design. The ten principles of good design are almost a mantra every designer came across. However many ordinary people might not know Dieter Rams and do not understand the importance of his achievements and contribution to product or industrial design in recent history. Dieter Rams is a living legend and influenced an entire generation including big brands such as Apple.

This article is dedicated to anyone unfamiliar with the work of Dieter Rams and focuses on the 10 most frequently asked questions around the industrial designer. As an online shop with a heavy focus on Braun products designed by Rams, we feel obliged to provide a short summary of the most common questions searched on Google. Let's jump straight into it:

How long did Dieter Rams work for Braun?

Dieter Rams worked for 40 years at Braun (from 1955 bis 1995). He started working for the electrical appliance manufacturer Braun in 1955, first as an architect and interior designer, and from 1961 to 1995 as head of design.

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What kind of designer is Dieter Rams?

Dieter Rams is mostly known for being a world-famous industrial designer. His product design at the electronics company Braun influenced the entire industry as such. His products focus on function over form and follow the 10 principles of good design. Before his design career Dieter Rams has worked as an architect. Later in his career Dieter Rams worked as a professor and lecturer for industrial design.

What products did Dieter Rams design?

Dieter Rams remarkable Rams-designed products include the SK 5 vinyl player called "snow-coffin", the ET55 Calculator, the T3 Pocket Radio, the HW1 Model Weight Scale, and the 1968 Braun Table Lighter to name a few. All listed ones are part o the Museum of Modern Art collection as well as other museums worldwide.

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What is Dieter Rams famous for?

Dieter Rams is known and famous for his iconic product design as an industrial designer at Braun and Vitsoe. In the 1970s Dieter Rams has developed 10 principles of good design which made history ever since. He created some of the most prominent and enduring product designs in the latter half of the 20th century and influenced the entire design industry and brands such as Apple. Dieter Rams is often times called "the Godfather of Design".

How many products did Dieter Rams design at Braun?

During his 40 years at Braun (from 1955 bis 1995), Dieter Rams produced and oversaw 500+ innovative products as chief of design.

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10 principles of good design by Dieter Rams
What are Dieter Rams ten principles of good design?

In the 1970s, Dieter Rams developed his famous 10 principles of good design which have inspired designers across the world. These are the ten principles: 01. Good Design Is Innovative / 02. Good Design Makes a Product Useful / 03. Good Design Is Aesthetic / 04. Good Design Makes A Product Understandable / 05. Good Design Is Unobtrusive / 06. Good design is honest / 07. Good design is durable / 08. Good design is consequent to the last detail / 09. Good design is eco-friendly / 10. Good design is as little design as possible

Is Dieter Rams still designing?

Since 2003, Dieter Rams has been a consultant for the design magazine Form. In addition, Dieter Rams is still active in the company called Vitsoe, for which he designed several iconic furniture products, such as the 606 shelving system (1960).

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When was Dieter Rams born?

Dieter Rams was born on: 20 May 1932 in Wiesbaden Germany. This year (2022) Dieter Rams has celebrated his 90th birthday.

Where does Dieter Rams live now?

Dieter Rams lives in Wiesbaden, Germany with his photographer wife, Ingeborg Kracht-Rams, since 1971. The house, which he helped design, is already landmarked by his region's office for the preservation.

Image from Gary Hutswit "Dieter Rams" film

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