Influential 3D Designer interpreting BRAUN design

Published: 29.06.2022

It is well known that products such as the Braun radio T41 have influenced design legends such as Johny Ive from Apple when designing the first Apple iPod or one of the first iMacs. It is equally great to see that the era of Braun Product Design continues to live on and inspire today’s 3D Designers paying hommage to Dieter Rams accomplishments. We recently stumbled upon some great rendering examples of either a modern interpretation or a hyper realistic replica of vintage Braun transistor radios renders in 3D. It would be a pitty not to share these so we created a collage of the most inspiring designs we could find. If you are interested to see the original BRAUN design classics, have a look at the BRAUN SK 5 radio, the BRAUN Exporter 2 or the BRAUN SK2 (already sold) in our online shop.

Design by Miki Nemcek
Miki Nemcek's BRAUN interpretation

Starting with first modern twist on Braun and Dieter Rams design, Miki Nemcek designed the project called "Goodbye Design". For the talented designer it was a passion project of summer 2018. The idea was born when he walked out of a museum a few months ago amazed by a product design exhibition from around '50s. The geniality of minimal design mixed with used retro flavor and playful accent colors of everyday objects (mainly Braun) were the essentials for the concept of this short movie. Everything is driven by an excellent track from Dirty Art Club which was a perfect match with the rhythmical side of the concept. "Good(bye) Design " is a reminder of how people slowly lose a relationship with true Good Design. To see the brilliant short movie in 3D follow this link.

Once In A While by Jason Zigrino

Moving on to Jason Zigrinoand his "Once In A While" renders which contains over 6 extremely high resolution BRAUN product replicas in 3D. The level of skills and details is unbelievable. In his portfolio you will find product Designs by Dieter Rams such as the Braun TC 40, Braun T580, Braun Nizo S 800, Braun RT-20 or the Braun T-1000. A few of these items we own and have available in our shop as well. If you are interested what technique Jason is using, according to his project descriptions he is using a combination of Cinema 4D and Autodesk Fusion 360 for hard surface modeling and Redshift 3D for rendering. It must have taken ages to reach this level of 3D product design skills.

Design by Jason Zigrino
Design by Joaquin Bozicovich
Joaquin Bozicovich & the Braun Guitar Pedal

Another great example of not only great and excellent 3D design skills but also a modern interpretation of a design classic originally designed by Dieter Rams is the "Braun Guitar Pedal" project by Joaquin Bozicovich from Argentina. Flicking through his portfolio one can instantly recognize his passion for music and great innovative product design paying hommage to design principles invented by great design leaders. You will also see other interpretations taking inspiration from Johny Ive's Macintosh Lisa II computer. Make sure to follow this talented industrial designer.

Dong Min Shin`s modern BRAUN interpretation

Designed by talented industrial designer Dong Min Shin from PDF House designed this modern but still retro inspired desk fan. His intention was to create a more simple design with a unique brand concept that was applied to the fan. You can clearly see the influence by Dieter Rams and Reinhold Weiß product design in his interpretation. ​

Design by Dong Min Shin

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