THE RC.02 Porsche
project by Rico's Customs

Published: 03.05.2022

The founder of Rico's Custom is called Rik ( friends calling him Rico). He is a Dutch fashion designer and Porsche enthusiast. Rik has been involved with cars his whole life. When Rico was young, his dad took him to the Zandvoort race track for a classic car race weekend, which he enjoyed a lot. Rico got hooked with classic cars straight away. Rico fell in love with the Porsche shape and the flat 6 engine. It’s just something special, something I dreamt of. As soon as he got his drivers license, Rico bought his first car and started working on it. He restored it and customized them the way he liked. This is where all the passion for customizing and restoring classic cars all began.

The Porsche RC.02 project
The Porsche RC.02 project
The early days of Rico Customs

In his early days restoring cars, I restored and customized classic BMWs. Rico enjoyed that a lot. But he has always been in love with the shape and sound of those classic 911’s. He sold the BMWs and got himself a 911, fully restored and customized it and eventually sold it to build a new one. The rest is history! With no further ado, enjoy one of Rico's most beautiful Porsche rebuilds: the RC.02 project

The feeling only car enthusiasts know...

As a car enthusiast, you probably know what it is like. That roaring engine, the road that stretches before you, the sounds rushing past you, leaving only you and your thoughts. A moment of unprecedented freedom, when everything seems possible. If you fell in love with the Rico's Custom Porsche project feel free to contact Rico at. for order/product related questions. Need more inspiration? Take a look at Rico's website:

All images and copy rights by: Rico's Customs

The RC.02 project
The RC.02 project Work in progress

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