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Dietrich Lubs [ Lectron]
Dietrich Lubs is a German industrial designer born in 1938 in Berlin. After completing an apprenticeship as a shipbuilder at the "Hansa" shipyard in Cologne, in 1962 he became a disciple of Dieter Rams when he was hired by the Braun design department.

Dietrich Lubs was responsible for detailed constructions, the standardized use of the Akzidenz-Grotesk font in product graphics and for the development of various watch series at Braun. His designs are widely used in products, including clocks, travel alarm clocks, clocks and clock radio. 
Rams and Lubs also designed the company's first pocket calculator in 1975, focusing on proportions and ease of use that later influenced Jonathan Ive and Apple. In 1995 he became deputy head of the design department and left the company in 2001.

Dietrich Lubs, clocks & watches

Dietrich Lubs had a decisive influence on the Braun watch program, among other things. Braun experimented with design for watches at an early stage. Reinhold Weiss and Dieter Rams created designs for digital and analog watches, respectively. The dials for the analog watches were already designed by Dietrich Lubs. But it was not until around 1970 that the decision was made to include watches in the program. Dietrich Lubs contributed to some of the most well-know Braun clocks & watches such as the AW 10 wrist watch, the Phase 1 alarm clock or the DN 30s. Dietrich Lubs is also praised for developing Braun's unique alarm sound.

"The information about Braun and Braun equipment had impressed me so much that I decided to contact Braun and apply. I have been invited and Dieter Rams has reviewed my technical work. I have been accepted and started working for Braun in July 1962."

[Source: Design+Text]

Braun AW 10 watch

Design Icons

Some of the iconic product designs that Dietrich Lubs is best known for and contributed to are: 1975- 4921 alarm clock phase 3 / 1982 - 4861 wall clock / 1983 - DN 30s, 4808 digital clock / 1987 - AB 1 alarm clock & ET 66 pocket calculator with Dieter Rams / 1989 - AW 10 Armbanduhr / 1991 - DB 10 radio controlled alarm clock / 1991 - AW 50 Armbanduhr

Braun Phase 2 clock
Braun AW 10 clock
Braun ET 66 calculator

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